Game Rules

Lightning Competition 2020.
Last updated 11th April 2020

Dates,Time and Invite Details for our Weekly Competition(s) will be determined by eSports EDU Academy and will be announced on our Website and Twitter account prior to Competition start. Details may change without prior notice so please check our channels for updates.

Terms of Participation
All participants enter the Competition at their sole risk. eSports EDU Academy shall not be liable for any loss or damage which is suffered or sustained as a result of taking the Prize or entering the Competition.

The Prize is subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the entities supplying the Prize.

Competitions are open to all K-12 Year level students globally by invite only. Please contact Kieran for invite details for our next competition.

Watch our videos on how to get started.

3 Million Satoshis up for grabs!

Game 01 - '12 Words Adventure Search'

1. Search for all 12 Words randomly placed in our Minecraft Inworld.

2. Solve the mystery 12 Word Seed Phrase by placing the words in the correct order. (we will slowly start to reveal the order as the game progresses)

3. Using the Electrum Wallet downloaded and installed on your desktop

4. FIRST COMPETITOR to solve the mystery sentence and restore all 12 Words in ELECTRUM WALLET wins.

5. The winner will receive the prize as specified in the Electrum Wallet.

6. The winner is  declared by the offiical of the competition once the above criteria is satisfied and the decision is final.

7. The winner needs to submit their answers (12 word seed in the correct order) to us to receive the password for the wallet.

Game 02 - 'Micro QR Code Search' (Lightning Prizes)

1. Search for a single Micro QR code randomly placed in our Minecraft Inworld.

2. Use ANY QR code reader to scan the scan the QR Code found in our Mincraft Inworld.

3. Using the Wallet of Satoshi App installed on your mobile device to scan the prize and collect it

4. FIRST COMPETITOR to scan and register the QR code wins. 

For any further info please contact Kieran.

Enjoy! See you in  game!